A Spotlight on... Mountaineering Club!

A Spotlight on... Mountaineering Club!

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A Spotlight on... Mountaineering Club!

I had a lovely chat with Kai Pheasant and William Jones from Mountaineering Club this week. They told me all the amazing things that the club have done this semester and a sneak peak to what they’ve got lined up.

What has the club been doing?

The club have done a phenomenal job of hosting lots of events for people of all ages to get involved. Recently they hosted a social of virtual pubs, each ‘pub’ with different groups and a welcome ‘pub’ for first years to join. They’ve been running weekly strength and conditioning sessions in addition to some online skills teaching. The skills teaching has included introductions on things such as a scrambling, rope work and navigation. They even brought back an ex-club member, who’s living in Scotland and specialises in winter mountaineering to have a chat.

The committee have also set up a buddy system for their members to go on walks together, and they’re publishing a new walk around Bath each week! For orienteering they are using an app to plan a different course, so that all can get involved.

How did you get involved with mountaineering?

Kai Pheasant, BUCS Coordinator, got into mountaineering particularly for climbing. Prior to joining Bath Kai was an avid climber and so couldn’t wait to get involved. When first meeting the club he loved how friendly and welcoming mountaineering was and how there was a mix of multiple year groups. Whereas Will Jones, Walking Secretary, had done lots of mountaineering before joining Bath. When he arrived at his first social, he showed up at the pub and that was it! Mountaineering is a very large club as it includes walkers, orienteers and climbers, so a great way to meet people even if you only enjoy one!

Who are you thankful for?

When asking them who they are thankful for at the moment, they both immediately said Beth Kippin, Orienteering Secretary. As the only orienteering secretary, Beth has done a lot of work for the club. Not only has she organised lots of things for the orienteers, but she has been a real back bone for the club during lockdown and the whole semester.

Thank you Mountaineering!


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