Activities Awards 2018

On Tuesday 1 May, students and staff celebrated the incredible achievements of our societies, volunteering, media and enterprise groups at the Activities Awards. Hosted at the Apex Hotel, the annual awards is a fantastic opportunity to recognise and look back at the amazing work our different student groups have done over the academic year. 

It has been another wonderful year and we received 163 nominations, highlighting just how much time and effort students put into making their groups the best they can be. 

The evening was hosted by our SU Activities Officer Kimberley Pickett, with other awards presented by SU President Ben Davies, SU Community Officer Ben Palmer and SU Chief Executive Andrew McLaughlin. 

Kimberley Pickett, SU Activities Officer said “the Activities Awards celebrates the incredible contribution that students have made to The SU over the course of this year!”

“We recognised 17 awards across societies, media, volunteering and enterprise to celebrate the fantastic work they put it”.

“We received an outstanding 163 nominations from across all areas, capturing the passion that drives our student groups”.

“Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and also to all of the winners, you should all be immensely proud of yourselves, we are consistently amazed at everyone you all do!” 

Guests also enjoy three excellent performances from Music Soc, a duet by Georgia Blessitt and Chiara Fehr from BUSMS and a final performance of Brits on Tour by BUSMS. 

Tom Dolton, Chair of Music Soc said “the Activities Awards was a brilliant evening celebrating all the student achievements within the activities area”.

“It was amazing to see the range of activities students have been doing this year, and it’s great to see that our hard work is being recognised and rewarded”. 

Latunde Alayaki, Faith & Cultural Representative for Societies Executive and Chair of African & Caribbean Society, highlighted the atmosphere at the awards saying that “the ambience set in the Apex Hotel was amazing with the food and performances of the night complementing it all”.

“Overall I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and appreciate everyone who was involved in planning it”. 

See the full list of award winners below: 

Volunteer Awards 

Most Improved Volunteer Activity: Bath Marrow

Best Volunteer Newcomer: Andrea Christou

Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering: Rania Abdul-Wahab

Media Awards 

Best Project in Media: URB Super Rugby

Best Contribution to Media: Natasha Jokic 

Society Awards

Best Society Event:  IET Lego League International Finals – Backstage 

Outstanding Contribution to Societies: Tom Dolton

Arts Society of the Year: MusicSoc

Departmental Society of the Year: Bath Computer Science Society

Recreational Society of the Year: Harry Potter Society 

Faith and Cultural Society of the Year: African and Caribbean Society 

Ethical and Political Society of the Year:  Amnesty 

Overall Awards

Best Overall Society: MusicSoc

Most Improved Activity Group: Bath Computer Science Society

Outstanding Contribution to the Community: V Team

Best Overall Event or Activity: Launchpad – Bath Entrepreneurs and Bath Computer Science Society 

Best Overall Activity Group: MusicSoc 

Special mentions were also given to BUSMs production team for their performance of Made in Dagenham and URB for their 45 hour radio show raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust. 

View the full album of photos here. 


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