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Rent Refunds for students in University Accommodation

Rent Refunds for students in University Accommodation

We're continuing to lobby the university to grant refunds for the period where students have been unable to access university accommodation due to government guidance, as well as allowing for penalty free releases from housing contracts.

We understand how important this is to you and The SU is working hard behind the scenes to ensure a fair decision is reached. The university has been meeting this week to discuss and we are waiting to hear any decisions that have been made. As you may be aware Exeter, KCL, LSE, Newcastle and UCL have now granted students refund for the lockdown period, and we hope that Bath will follow.

If you have decided not to return to your University accommodation at all, you can request to be released from your contract. You will need to email and detail your exceptional circumstances to them as to why you aren’t returning. This can include but is not limited to: the impact on your wellbeing and mental health, changes to your financial situation and changes to your caregiving responsibilities. We recommend speaking with our SU Advice team, they’ll discuss your circumstances with you and help you detail these to the Accommodation team, including any further steps required.

We understand that students may be incurring additional costs at this time and money may be tight. This is not something that you could ever have foreseen to budget for. We would encourage you to apply to the University Hardship Fund


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