Shout out to Kickboxing for organising a great Fight Night!

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On Friday night, a group of us officers left Weekend Warm Up unusually early, and headed to Komedia to watch Fight Night. Admittedly, this was an event some of us had never been to before, an event some of us never thought we’d never end up watching.

Yet, Fight Night was definitely one of the best events we’ve had the pleasure to watch so far. It was organised skilfully and to the detail – the committee and the volunteers being easily identifiable, approachable and incredibly organised. The fights themselves were astonishing, gender-balanced and showing a deep sense of camaraderie across the fighters and the crowd. For this, a massive congratulations and a thank you goes to the entire committee, and particularly Grace and Fieldie.

To top it all off, the event was created to raise money for a local charity, The Genesis Trust, which supports homeless and vulnerable people in Bath. The after-party at Revs, really, was just a (rather appreciated) extra after an event that left us all speechless.

Students taking the lead, planning, organising, and carrying through events such as this one is the reason the Students’ Union exists in the first place. This is the Students’ Union at its best.

Thank you again, and have a great week,

Tom, Alisha, Jiani, Ruqia, and Francesco x


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