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SU President update on First Bus service

SU President update on First Bus service

Free on campus parking confirmed for the exam period

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Changes happening from 16/05/2022

  • Free parking on campus. University security have waived parking charges for the exam period allowing you to drive or car share with others to get to campus. 
  • There will be additional U1 buses between 07:30 and 09:30 as First run duplicate buses.
  • University security will be closely monitoring the situation and liaising with First.

Who to contact? – this is the email address to raise your concerns directly to First.

If you are unable to get to an exam please consider emailing your DoS.

What has happened?

It is disappointing that once again the service provided by First is no where near the standard that you deserve. It is bittersweet to think that this last year has been spent building up a relationship between the Student Voice and the University so that they can communicate back to First the issues that students are facing. It has been successful at times, we’ve put pressure on making sure that the bus timetable matches lectures time tabling, that there are buses to get you to training in the morning and that there has not been an increase in ticket prices. However, the consistency in the service is like a yoyo. I am disappointed that during an incredibly stressful time one of the main routes to campus was paused without any student consultation, and even worse, without being communicated. There are plenty of other things to worry about at the end of the semester such as exams and deadlines, that catching the bus and the main route to campus should not be an additional worry.

Unfortunately, the lack of drivers (the reason we have heard all year for the reduced service) which results in a reduced services is out of the Students’ Unions hands. However, I have highlighted to the University that as an institution that students are paying a lot of money to be at they cannot simply brush this issue under the carpet and ultimately the University need to work with First to ensure you can get to campus. It is also unacceptable to be communicating these changes after they have happened.

I’m grateful that the Senior Team at the University have reacted quickly to our concerns and are working with First to reinstate the U2 route as well as waiving the parking fees next week. There will be several communication updating on the situation, but I would check the Instagram pages, student home page and your emails for the latest.

I will not stop giving feedback and pressure to ensure that the service by First meets the demand that you deserve.

Your SU President



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