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Acts of Compassion

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Bring a little joy into everyone's life this Christmas. It's been a tough year for everyone so we all need a bit of compassion!

Alongside 3SG and Compassionate Community, we're on a mission to spread some compassion this christmas and make sure that our community here at Bath is that little bit happier because of it. We're asking everyone- staff, students and locals - to join us in Random Acts of Compassion. These can be anything from saying hello to a passer-by, to helping your neighbour with their bins or getting involved in one of the community activities organised by some of the great charities in the area. Every little helps! 

Help spread the word of Random Acts of Compassion by colouring in the downloadable Compassionate Christmas Star or request a printed copy and display in your window. Colour or B&W. Make sure to tag @thesubath in your random acts of compassion and use the hashtag #CompassionAtChristmas. 

if you complete 5 acts of compassion you can request for free a hand sewn star from the Sewing Collecting. 

Request a Star!


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