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Lloyds Scholars

* This page is a resource for existing Lloyds Scholars at the University of Bath *

The Lloyds Scholarship programme did not take any new students in 2021, and in 2022 Lloyds Banking Group announced "After an incredible 10 years we have now formally closed the award-winning Lloyds Scholars social mobility programme. We remain very proud of the programme, our partnership with our University partners, and the wonderful Scholars that we have seen develop through the programme over the last decade and will continue to fully support all of the existing Lloyds Scholars." 

For queries about the scholarship at the University of Bath contact 

Volunteering is a chance to add some great skills to your CV and to try out some different roles, all of which will help you in your future employment. You are encouraged to take this up throughout your time at University. To find a volunteering role, see the volunteering opportunities page 

If you are a current Lloyds Scholar then you will continue to receive the regular Scholars’ bursary through to the end of your degree.
Payments are paid in 3 instalments in December/February/April each year.
If you have any queries on your payments please contact alumni-scholarships@bath.ac.uk

Mentors are available to Scholars that wish the support and we’d encourage you to make the most of this opportunity. If you have lost touch with your mentor, please let us know by emailing lloydsscholars@lloydsbanking.com and Lloyds will try to re-connect you or find an alternative mentor.

As a scholar you are eligible for the 2022 Lloyds Scholarship Awards, which have financial rewards of up to £3000. You will be emailed directly about these awards but if you have any questions, contact loyds-scholars@bath.ac.uk for more information. 

There are 2 categories:
 - Lloyds Volunteering Award - Bath Scholar Matt Baldwin was Runner Up in 2021
 - Lloyds Champion Award Bath Scholar Mason Excell was Runner up in 2021 and Bath Scholar Lyam England was the Winner in 2020 

As a student volunteer you will also be eligible for the SU Volunteering Awards