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Graduating Scholars receive volunteering award

Graduating Scholars receive volunteering award

Two Lloyds Scholars graduating from the University of Bath have received awards from Lloyds Banking Group for their volunteering

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We’re really pleased to announce that two Lloyds Scholars, Mason Excell and Matthew Baldwin, have received awards from Lloyds Banking Group for their amazing efforts during their scholarship. They were runners up in their categories, both receiving a £1,000 prize.

Matthew was chosen as the Runner Up for the Volunteering Award, which is given to the graduating scholar who makes the most significant contribution to the community during their volunteering. Mason was the Runner Up for the Champion Award which is given to the graduating scholar who does most to promote Lloyds Scholars programme and Lloyds Banking Group.


Matthew Baldwin, Lloyds Volunteering Award - Runner Up

Matthew (far right) has always engaged wholeheartedly in volunteering. As a fresher he became involved with ParkRun, supporting free weekly running events for all ages. He was a valuable regular volunteer and went on to become part of the ParkRun management team.

Matthew also played a huge role at FoodCycle Bath during the Covid pandemic, committing his time and energy to preparing and serving food to locals in need. During lockdown this was vital lifeline for many, and Sarah Paine from FoodCycle Bath said “never has the volunteering contribution to our charity and the residents of Bath been more needed or more valued than the past 12 months”.

In recognition of his positive contribution to the local community during the Covid pandemic Matthew was nominated for the BANES (Bath & North East Somerset) Shining Light Awards.


Mason Excell, Lloyds Champion Award - Runner Up

Mason’s passion lies with supporting younger people from underprivileged backgrounds and helping them in practical and emotional ways to be the very best that they can be.

Mason spent a lot of time as a volunteer wrestling coach in an underprivileged area of Bristol helping many youngsters to build self-confidence and value themselves. He was also involved in the University of Bath’s ‘Lloyds Scholars Buddy Scheme’ helping first year Lloyds scholars settle into University life.

From 2019 Mason was an engaged and supportive mentor for IntoUniversity, supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. He was also project leader for ‘V Twerton’, a Student Union volunteer group, working with Twerton Infant School in Bath.

Congratulations Mason and Matthew!




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