Chances to get involved

Social Sciences Research Project

A group of second-year Social Science students are researching the evolving protest methods during the pandemic; restrictions on freedom of speech and how this impacted the ways people campaigned eg. protests and social media. 

Their research title is: How did Covid-19 change the way students exercise their rights in times of social turmoil?

They’re looking to conduct anonymous, voice recorded focus groups of 5-8 people and would be very grateful for your involvement in this. 


Interviews for a sustainability project

Max is a computer science student basing a project around informing sustainability conscious people about the businesses they shop at. He's looking to do some short interviews with some people interested in sustainability in order to guide his project. 


Trials and feedback for app development

A startup mobile gaming company that is tackling litter and littering through a location-based pet game LittaHunters. The app is still being developed, so they're looking for people to trial and feedback on the app. Sign up here: