Doctoral Exec

The Doctoral Exec is supported by the Postgraduate Officer and Postgraduate Student Coordinator.

The Doctoral Exec is made up of a Chair, three open positions and the four Doctoral Faculty Reps.

The role of the Exec is to represent the doctoral student voice in The SU and to the University.  The Exec will work together to identify key issues and represent doctoral student views through campaigns and engagement with doctoral students.

Patrick Prince


Stefan Cuomo

Doctoral Open Position 

Rita Prior Filipe Filipe

Doctoral Open Position

Stefan Chindea

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Engineering & Design

Masha Remškar 

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Jelena Lagger

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of School of Management

Will Zhang

Doctoral Faculty Rep, Faculty of Science


For more information about the roles on offer click on the role descriptions below:

Doctoral Exec Chair role description

Doctoral Exec Open Place Position role description