PG priority issues

SU priority issues are doctoral and PGTs topics raised by postgrads. The SU works for change on these issues in a variety of channels, and real, beneficial change is achieved. 

Clarity accommodation and travel booking

Ensure that students aren’t financially disadvantaged by the University’s business travel provider

Clarity, the University's provider for arranging travel and accommodation for conferences and other trips, has been raised by doctoral students as often more expensive. For doctoral students who rely on bench fees to pay these costs, it means a limited pot of money is wasted on avoidable expense.

  • The University’s new travel booking tool, Go2Book, has been launched. The interface goes some way to address booking at most suitable cost.
  • Doctoral student feedback on travel booking will be collected at the next Doctoral Council.
  • PG Officer Jiani Zhou has submitted a paper to the University's Council/Senate/Students' Union (CSSU) committee 5/12/2019 on how Clarity impacts doctoral students.
  • The SU will continue to work with the University’s Finance team to make sure students are not financially disadvantaged and students’ preferred options available.

Supervisory issues: creating a culture to raise them with confidence

Create a culture where students feel confident to raise supervisory issues 

Doctoral students have reported that they do not feel confident to raise issues with their supervisor. Both fear of repercussions for them and lack of confidence that problems would be addressed were cited.

  • In discussions in University Doctoral Studies Committee (UDSC), the PG Officer has advocated making supervisory training mandatory to supervisors. This would help ensure that supervisors understand and value the full range of their responsibilities, including pastoral responsibilities.
  • A paper was submitted by the PG Officer to the CSSU committee 5/12/2019 on supervision and doctoral students' perception of how supervisory complaints are handled. The paper will be considered as part of a University review of travel and expenses policy.
  • The PG Officer is submitting a paper to UDSC committee 19/3/2019 on a national recognition scheme for supervisors. This would help increase the professional status of supervision - including the skills and responsibilities it involves.