PGA events

The PGA runs a range of postgraduate social events throughout the year, from Latin & ballroom dancing to daytrips, from wine-tasting to quiz nights. Our upcoming events schedule also includes any PG events run by SU societies, groups or SU areas.

If you'd like a postgraduate social event that you can't see in our schedules, please let us know at!

**** All SU events have been cancelled until the Easter break, to minimise risk due to the COVID-19 virus. This includes all PGA and other postgraduate events. More information here ****

The full Be Well Week programme has also been cancelled, including university and SU events. More information here.

SU Postgraduate events coming up

Freshers Week Postgraduate Netflix Party
24th September
Tune into a Netflix film from the comfort of your own home.
Bath University Baking Appreciation Society (BUBAS) Bake At The Marquee (PG)
25th September
Get a taste of the Bath University Baking Appreciation Society, and our cakes. Chat, eat and get to know people! Postgraduates only.
Freshers Week Postgraduate Cake at the Marquee
25th September
Chancellor's Green Marquee
Who doesn’t love cake? Come for a slice with our Baking Society. Exclusive postgraduate event.
Freshers Week PG Quiz
25th September
Test your trivia knowledge against fellow postgraduate students
Postgraduate Association (PGA) The Secret City
3rd-4th October
Bath city centre