Current Committee (2018-19)

We are the ones 'in charge' of the society - we pick the films for first semester, write the quiz, and do the real work behind room bookings, emails and all the other not-so-fun stuff (as well as the fun stuff too!)

We are all super friendly; and you will always see at least one of us at each screening - so please come and chat!

If you wish to contact the committee with any queries or ideas, please send us an email, post on our Facebook, Twitter or one of our other social media platforms!

Chair - Jaye Ward-Berry

Jaye is a 3rd year student of Mathematics. He enjoys procrastinating and generally attempts to avoid all forms of responsibility. Relevant likes are: Shingeki No kyojin, The Company of Wolves, and Space Odyssey. He can also be found Refusing to buy a PC (that isn't considered legacy), doing large numbers of Sudoku, and worrying about the rising cost of living. Don't try to talk to him as he becomes easily frightened and may never turn up to a screening again.

Treasurer - Matthew Allington

Matt is a final year Mechanical Engineering student. His job as Treasurer is to ensure that the society budget isn't spent entirely on wooden spoons, so that they can actually buy DVDs for the film screenings. He enjoys Back to the Future, James Bond movies, anything Marvel and a plethora of (often obscure) anime series. Matt can also be found attempting to juggle his passion for motorsports with fighting games, cups of tea and the production of new varieties of Mystery Food X.

Secretary - Rhys Pitcher

Rhys is a second year Civil Engineering student. He enjoys things like Jurassic Park, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and the His Dark Materials trilogy. Outside of the society, Rhys enjoys strategy games, Dungeons and Dragons podcasts, being right on incredibly niche Trivial Pursuit questions and making devilishly difficult quiz questions of his own!

Social Secretary - Charlotte Hughes

Charlotte is a final year Biochemistry student. Her favourite society appropriate things are Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel. She also tried Anime for the first time at this society and has seen become a fan of many series including Food Wars!, Ancient Magus Bride, and Toradora, as well as many more. She highly recommends anyone who likes other forms of sci-fi and fantasy to give it a go because it's basically fantasy stories in a cartoon style. Outside of the society she can be found playing hockey, baking, eating chocolate and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She has many plans to run lots of fun socials this year (yeah I know you all came here to sit in a dark room not talking to each other, but I will try and make you socialise!) so look out for those later in the semester! Bribery with chocolate may be effective when necessary. 

IT Officer - Michael Young

Michael is a second year Computer Science and Maths student. He's a big fan of deep-lore fantasy titles such as The Lord of the Rings and Warcraft. However, he's mainly here for the anime - with his favourites being Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo, Made in Abyss and Madoka Magica.


Publicity Rep - Parmida Shoaei


Previous Committee

Year Chair Treasurer Secretary Social Secretary IT Officer Publicity Rep Welfare & Inclusivity Officer
2019-20 Rory Napier George Burkinshaw Angus Graham Seher Singh Tomás McMahon Parmida Shoaei Kieran Maharaj
2018-19 Jaye Ward-Berry Matthew Allington Rhys Pitcher Charlotte Hughes Michael Young Parmida Shoaei -
2017-18 Jaye Ward-Berry Malwina Jurkowska/ Matthew Allington Reece Cook Daniel Green - Rob Worley -
2016-17 Daniel Green Malwina Jurkowska Charlotte Hughes Digger Brewer Kip Morris Benjamin Dring -
2015-16 Gareth Hawkes Jacob Weaver Frankie Andrews Ben McKenzie Kip Morris Claudio Doria -
2014-15 Caroline Jeston Malwina Jurkowska Frankie Andrews Victoria Nicholls Alex Harvey Claudio Doria -
2013-14 Leon Byford Callum Tozer Isaac Taylor-Harrod Chris Carter Gareth Hawkes - -
2012-13 Joshua Tearle Toby Woodfin Caroline Jeston Ben McKenzie Alex Harvey - -
2011-12 Samantha Walters Luiza Woronycz Toby Woodfin Autumn Burchett Kingsley Jarrett - -
2010-11 Hannah Twitchell Alice Keel Craig Stone Autumn Burchett Kingsley Jarrett - -


History of the Society

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society was founded way back in 1998 and is now in its Twenteenth year!

In its short lifetime, Sci-Fi has won several awards from the Student's Union:

  • 1998-1999: Best New Society; Worst Event (back when the awards weren't taken seriously)
  • 1999-2000: Best Website
  • 2000-2001: Treasurer's Special Award
  • 2001-2002: Best Website
  • 2002-2003: Best General Society

The society was founded by a small group of friends who wanted to show some good films and get together for social events. Throughout our first year we gained more members, showed a wider variety of films and generally strove to do what our members wanted. For our efforts we received the "Best New Society" award. We also received the "Worst Event" award for our disastrous first ever screening (without the films we wanted to show and no idea how to use the equipment it was doomed to failure).

Every year we aim to be both bigger and better than before, building on the success of previous years.