Committee 2018-19

Chairman Adam Taylor
My name is Adam, and I am your chair for 2018-19. In addition to being a bloody legend, I am here to ensure everyone in the club is having a good, safe time! I'll be working with the other committee members to organise shoots, socials and the budget. I was the captain last year and have been a member for three years now, so know the club reasonably well; if you need to know anything feel free to send me an email or Facebook message. 

Men's Captain Will Mahendran
Hey guys! I'm Will and I am the Men's Captain for this year. I will be organising teams for competitions as well as providing transport. I have been in the club for a year now and have had the most amazing time and have met some great friends. I can't stress enough to get involved in the fun as much as you can with such a lovely and friendly bunch of people. I'm definitely no expert, but If you want any shooting help with anything like technique or hitting that annoying target, just come by and ask me (I don't bite!). If you have any queries about the club's events or what we are all about, drop me a line on facebook or email and I'll get back to you.

Women's Captain Emma Stacey
Hi everyone, my name is Adam and I'm the captain for 2017-18. I have just come back from placement and am looking forward to help organising the shoots, competitions and socials that I've enjoyed over the past two years! If you want to know any more about shooting or the club then let me know on Facebook or contact any of us on the club email address.

Treasurer Greg Coleman
Hello all, i'm Tom and I will be your treasurer for 2017/18. I have had a great time with the club in the last two years and hope that I can help others enjoy it as much as I have. I can be contacted via the club email or by Facebook messenger.

Secretary James Mottram
Hello, I'm James and I will be the team secretary for 2018-19. I joined the club last year as a complete novice and was immediately welcomed. Shoots are weekly but there's no pressure to attend them all. Feel free to contact me via email or Facebook or visit the Freshers' fayre stall.

Social Sec Clark McIlveen
Hey everyone, I'm Clark, your social sec for 2017-18. I'll be helping to organise the Wednesday night socials and any other events we put on.  If you're interested in coming to the socials, please please please join the Facebook group, as this will be our main method of communication. I've had an awesome time in the club so far, and cannot wait for this year to follow.


Welfare & Inclusivity Officer Tia Allsopp
Hi guys, I'm Tia, and I'm your Welfare and Inclusivity Officer 2018-2019. When I joined the club last year the first thing that struck me was how welcoming everyone was and it was so easy to get involved with everything we did. My aim is to give everyone who joins a similar, positive experience as I had, so there's no awkwardness or uncertainty. If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to drop me a Facebok message (Theresa Allsopp), an email, or come and ask in person at the Fresher's Fair!