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Leah McCue, Skills & Development CoordinatorLeah

Leah is responsible for setting up, delivering and evaluating skills development opportunities across the SU. She works with students and staff in different departments to ensure opportunities run successfully. She is responsible for recruiting, training and providing on-going support for students involved in the skill training programme, Language PAL and other opportunity providers.


Sophie Brosnan, Peer Support Administrator

Sophie provides administrative support for the area. This includes supporting recruitment and training. Sophie assists with supporting Student Trainers, Peer Mentors and PAL Leaders and can deal with any general inquiries relating to skills training, peer mentoring and PAL.


Sam Cook, Peer Support Manager

Sam oversees the work of the Peer Support Department and supports the team in setting up, maintaining and evaluating development opportunities and Peer Mentoring and PAL schemes and across the SU and the University. He is responsible for ensuring volunteers across the SU are effectively trained and feel supported in their role.