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Tunnel Time
6th February 1pm - 7pm
Basingstoke iFly
£40 per 5 minutes in the wind tunnel. If you wanted to buy the same without going through a BCPA affiliated club it would cost £65. As an added bonus, transport will be paid for by the club!
Charity Skydive for RAGs Big 4
30th March 7am - 7pm
Netheravon, nr. Salisbury
Take on the challenge of a lifetime and do a Skydive in support of RAGs Big 4 chosen charities: Alzheimer's Society, First Steps Bath, Headlight and Julian House

Solo Skydiving

Get your A Licence in Skydiving which allows you to skydive solo at any dropzone around the world! Take part in either the RAPS or AFF course below and qualify in around 18 jumps.

RAPS (Ram Air Progression System) aka Static Line

  • Begins with parachuting from 3,500ft and progresses into skydiving up to 12,500ft.
  • Learn with a line attached to the plane that pulls your parachute out of it's container automatically when you jump.
  • Start pulling the parachute yourself within 5 good jumps.

Learn more about RAPS

RAPS first jump course dates: Every weekend until 8th December, then more courses in semester 2.

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

  • Begin by skydiving from 12,500ft with 2 instructors jumping with you.
  • The instructors will help you to remain stable as you freefall for 50 seconds and can pull your parachute for you if you struggle.
  • Jump alone after 8 good skydives.

Learn more about AFF

AFF first jump course dates: Every weekend until 8th December, then more courses in semester 2.

Tandem Skydiving

  • Wear a harness that gets attached to the front of a qualified instructor.
  • Experience a skydive with only a short briefing.
  • Less responsibilty, the instructor controls the parachute.

How to Join

  • Go to the Products page and buy club membership.
  • Decide which course is best for you, talk to us and we can help.
  • Purchase a FJC (First Jump Course) and we will contact you to organise a date.

How the Club Works

  • We jump on weekends, Wednesday afternoons and holidays, depending on the weather.
  • One of our drivers will organise a trip, and can pick you up from campus, town or another agreed location.
  • Usually we will spend the whole day at the dropzone to allow enough time for everyone to jump.
  • First Jump Course's extend over a weekend, with the course on Saturday, and jumping on Sunday. Accomodation is provided for the Saturday night.

Reasons to Join Us

  • Free wind tunnel event on the evening of Tuesday 23rd October 2018
  • Free transport and accomodation for first jump course weekends
  • Free transport for Tandem jumps
  • Membership to the British Collegiate Parachute Association (BCPA)
  • Access to club kit after qualifying, which saves you around £10 per jump
  • Access to socials and BCPA events all around the country



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