There are two main routes to getting into the sport, and various ways of trying it out. Use the comparison chart below to decide which is best for you- if you have any questions, please contact us using the form on the website, join the Facebook group ( or come and talk to us at one of the sports fairs.

For most people, we recommend RAPS or AFF. Whilst tandems are more expensive and aren't a progression into skydiving as a sport, if you feel you would be unable to complete a solo jump course, please contact us and we can help you arrange to do a tandem jump.



AFF is a faster route to learn to skydive, and you will be freefalling from 13,500ft from your very first jump! You will have 2 highly qualified instructors falling with you to keep you stable and if for any reason you are not able to deploy your parachute, they will do it for you. Most people qualify through AFF in 18 jumps - there are 8 levels, on each of which you learn different things, and then 10 consolidation jumps where you can do whatever you want! Although AFF is generally considered more expensive, this is often because you are learning quicker; the overall cost of qualifying is often similar. 

More information about AFF can be found here



RAPS (Ram Air Progression System) involves you exiting completely by yourself from your very first jump. Initially (for at least your first 5 jumps) your parachute will be opened automatically as you exit. Once you have proved you have the correct body position and are able to pull your own parachute, you will progress to freefall from progressively higher altitudes. You will then learn other skills such as turns, back flips and 'tracking'. RAPS students tend to qualify in around 20-30 jumps. It costs £150 to do the initial ground course and for your first jump, then after that it is just £35 per jump! 

More information about RAPS can be found here


BCPA Christmas, Easter & Summer Tours

Each year the BCPA organises 2 week skydiving trips abroad, varying between Spain, Portugal, Belgium and California. These are great opportunities to do an AFF course or for general progression, as it is cheaper than in the UK, and the weather is usually much more consistent.

The trips take skydivers from Universities from around the country, with a number of spaces designated for new jumpers wishing to do AFF. To signup for the trips, contact a member of the committee as early in the year as possible if you are interested and want further details.

For an idea of what the trips involve, take a look at the most recent videos on the 'Skydiving Videos' page


Wind Tunnel

The Wind Tunnel (aka 'Indoor Skydiving') is a great way to simulate freefall without the time and cost of a full training course, and will give you the skills to progress through the sport when you do a training course. We currently have a unique deal with Airkix (the company who operate the tunnel) allowing us to get tunnel time for only £8.65 (usually ~£20) per minute! Details to follow shortly, keep an eye out on the Events/ Signups page for registration.



As a sports club, we do not recommend tandem skydives as it is not a progression into the sport - why would you want to jump with a bloke strapped to your back when you can do it with more freedom by yourself?! At £240 they are also much more expensive - you could do 5 solo RAPS jumps for the same price!

However if you are sure you want to do a tandem jump first, get in touch using the email address/facebook page above, and we can book it for you.