Accelerated Freefall (AFF)


AFF is the faster of the two routes into skydiving, with your first jump being from 13,500ft giving you about 50 seconds of freefall and 4 or 5 minutes under canopy. 


Jamie's AFF Levels - September 2015

You start with a ground school, where you will be taught everything from exiting the plane, to body position in freefall, to landing patterns. Once you've completed the ground school, you're ready to jump! The first jump, AFF Level 1, will consist of two highly qualified instructors jumping with you and making sure that you're safe while giving you hand signals to perfect your body position. When you reach deployment altitude, you then independently pull your pilot chute, which will then deploy the main parachute. Once under canopy, you have full control and will land by yourself, with the assistance of instructors on the ground giving you advice through a radio.


After level 1, you then complete a further six jumps with instructors (Levels 1-3, two instructors, levels 4-7, 1 instructor) where you will practice dive exits, tracking, back-flips, turns and barrel rolls. After passing all 7 levels, you move onto doing consolidation (consol) jumps. During consoles, you will be dispatched by an instructor but the jump is done by yourself, leaving you to practice the skills you learnt during levels 1-7. All that is left now is your AFF level 8, the hop'n'pop - its exactly what it says on the tin - you jump at 5,000ft, wait about 5 seconds and then pull. Once you've completed AFF levels 1-8 and 10 consoles, you've got your A-license and are now officially a skydiver!  


The training and first jump costs £375. Then levels 2-3 are £200 each. Levels 4-8 are £140 each and consolidation jumps are £35 each. Whilst the AFF course has a higher start-up cost than RAPS, on average, it takes more jumps to complete the RAPS course. Therefore the prices can work out to be roughly the same to get your A-license for both RAPS and AFF. If you are interested in doing AFF visit our product page



The club operates AFF courses on an ad-hoc basis, so if you're interested in signing up, or have any questions regarding AFF, get in touch using the email address below.



Photos: Skydive99/Skydive Dunkeswell