Static Line Course (RAPS)


RAPS stands for Ram Air Progression System and is the most popular entry route into skydiving. You jump by yourself, from 3,500ft and your parachute opens automatically.


Bath RAPS First Jump Course at Netheravon - October 2012


The club runs RAPS courses throughout the year with about 12 Bath students per course along with existing members of the club, giving you a great chance to meet some new people. On the Saturday, you then complete the ground school, where you will be taught everything from exiting the plane, to how the kit works, to landing patterns. Once you've completed the ground school, you're ready to jump! Weather permitting, your first jump will be on Sunday after your ground school. Your parachute opens automatically, roughly four seconds after leaving the plane. When your under canopy, you have full control and will land by yourself, with the help of instructors on the ground giving you advice through a radio.


After you've completed your first jump, your one step closer towards becoming a qualified skydiver. Before getting your A-license, you have to meet certain requirements to show that you're safe. The link below tells you each of the steps.

Download the progression guide




RAPS training costs £200 and includes your first jump. Every jump afterwards costs just £35 until you become qualified. Then the cost per jump can drop to £21 for qualified jumpers. If you are interested in doing a RAPS course, visit our product page


The club runs first jump courses throughout the year, to see the latest dates and prices of courses, look on the products page. If you have any questions regarding the RAPS course, get in touch using the email below.



Photos: Stephen Evans, Ollie Hebden, Steve Hill, Lizzie Attwood