By Election Results 21-22

The results are in...

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Societies Committee's 2021-2022

Society and Position Elected candidate
African and Caribbean Society (ACS) - Publicity Officer Uchechukwu Okafor
African and Caribbean Society (ACS) - Social Secretary Benjamin Ikiseh
Amnesty - Campaign Coordinator Clemence Levoir
Amnesty - Campaign Coordinator Finlay Bertram
Architecture & Civil Engineering (ACE) - Secretary Joyce Lee
Architecture & Civil Engineering (ACE) - Treasurer Daria Bindoiu
Backstage Technical Services (BTS) - Treasurer Anna Garstka
Backstage Technical Services (BTS) - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Emily Smith
Bath Area Malaysian Students' Association (BAMSA) - Night Co director Brielle Henry
Bath Area Malaysian Students' Association (BAMSA) - Night Director Catherine Yoong
Bath Area Malaysian Students' Association (BAMSA) - Secretary Terence Neo
Bath Area Malaysian Students' Association (BAMSA) - Treasurer Kai Lee
Bath Association of Psychology Students (BAPS) - Social Secretary Nishtha Kotriwala
Bath Computer Science Society (BCSS) - Competition Leader John Steward
Bath Computer Science Society (BCSS) - Social Media Manager Ioana Mocanu
Bath Computer Science Society (BCSS) - Social Secretary Akibul Hoque
Bath Computer Science Society (BCSS) - Treasurer Daniel Ledger
Bath Consulting Society - Head of Internal Events Aryan Khanna
Bath Consulting Society - Head of Social Media Nour Zaki
Bath Consulting Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Akshaj Khanna
Bath Economics SocieTy (BEST) - Chair Akshaj Khanna
Bath Economics SocieTy (BEST) - Marketing Director Akshaj Khanna
Bath Economics SocieTy (BEST) - Social Events Naman Seksaria
Bath Economics SocieTy (BEST) - Vice Chair Aryan Khanna
Bath Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Society (BEAMES) - Committee Member Dillon Cox
Bath Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Society (BEAMES) - Committee Member Douglas Lloyd
Bath Entrepreneurs - Secretary Aryan Khanna
Bath Hindu Society (HinduSoc) - Committee Member Naman Seksaria
Bath Indian Society (BIS) - Secretary Saheb Gandhi
Bath Indian Society (BIS) - Sports Secretary Aaryan Agarwal
Bath Space Society (SpaceSoc) - Secretary George Stockbridge
Bath Space Society (SpaceSoc) - Treasurer Jacob Sims
Bath Tamil Society - Chair Rethina Shritharan
Bath Tamil Society - Secretary Vaishnavi Shankar
Bath Tamil Society - Sports Secretary Nirosan Pragash
Bath Tamil Society - Treasurer Tharsi Rajanayagam
Bath University Baking Appreciation Society (BUBAS) - Events Officer Emma Crenol
Bath University Cocktail Society - Media Officer Ellie Grainger
Bath University Cocktail Society - Mocktail Rep Munraj Bhangra
Bath University Cocktail Society - Secretary Ben Farrow
Bath University Cocktail Society - Social Secretary Elizabeth Bennett
Bath University Cocktail Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Jahanvi Patel
Bath University Curry Club (BUCC) - Chair Connor Mcmullan
Bath University Curry Club (BUCC) - Secretary Oliver Holt
Bath University Curry Club (BUCC) - Treasurer Alice Gaukroger
Bath University Debating Society (BUDS) - Treasurer Tiya Li
Bath University Film Society - Secretary Nyle Stewart-Campbell
Bath University Film Society - Social Secretary Caro Ashforth
African and Caribbean Society (ACS) - Vice Chair Jennifer Nwanemuogh
Amnesty - Secretary Wren Mathys
Bath University Film Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Zisis Tzifas Kratiras
Bath University First Aid Society (BUFAS) - Secretary Yuwen Sheng
Bath University Islamic Society (BUIS) - Events Manager Nousheen Ahmed
Bath University Model United Nations Society (BUMUN) - Vice-Chair Siddarth Gajaria
Bath University Natural Science Society (BUNSS) - Social Secretary John Ogunyemi
Bath University Northern Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Ben Hynes
Bath University Polish Society - Secretary Marlena Zemsta
Bath University Politics Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Sandini Sarda
Bath University Student Theatre (BUST) - Circus Skills Coordinator Violet Henderson
Bath Tamil Society - Vice Chair Maiyon Thayananthan
Bath Video Game Society (BVGS) - LAN Organiser Aiden Knight
Bath Video Game Society (BVGS) - Social Secretary Julian Tuerling
Bulgarian Society (BulgarianSoc) - Social Secretary Violeta Koleva
BURBAN Dance Society - Events and Utilities Manager Enerel Bold-Erdene
University of Bath Arab Society - I.T and Logistics Manager Adham Ehab Abdalla Ramadan Elattar
Caledonian Society - Chair Eryn Douglas
Caledonian Society - Secretary Ella Mcintosh
Caledonian Society - Social Secretary Zac Mccarroll
Caledonian Society - Treasurer Jamie Cubitt
CathSoc (Catholic Society) - Secretary Jimena Alamo
CathSoc (Catholic Society) - Treasurer Antony Rogers
Chamber Choir - Publicity Officer Alex Weaver
Chamber Choir - Secretary Scarlett Close
Chamber Choir - Treasurer Annabel Biggs
Chemical Engineering Student Association (CESA) - Vice Chair Anjani Taylor
Chemistry Society (Chem:Soc) - Chair Ella Chandler
Chemistry Society (Chem:Soc) - Secretary Harvey Draper
ChinaRen (Mandarin) - Marketing Officer Ruoxi Qiu
ChinaRen (Mandarin) - Secretary Tingxuan Yang
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Big Band Ensemble Manager Brodie Gulliver
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Brass Ensemble Manager Edward Blake
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Chair Katherine Sharrock
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Contemporary Choir Ensemble Manager Laura Williams
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Secretary Yatin Tanna
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Social Secretary Esyllt Williams
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Treasurer Elliot Davies
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Vice Chair Instrumental Isla Leach
Choral & Orchestral Society (ChaOS) - Vice Chair Vocal Isobel Davis
CoffeeSoc - Chair Nirek Vasa
CoffeeSoc - Secretary Aaryan Agarwal
Meditation Society - Committee Member Harshith Chittoor Satish
Meditation Society - Committee Member Jyyad Ali
Meditation Society - Committee Member Lauren Flack
Meditation Society - Committee Member Heer Mahendra
CoffeeSoc - Treasurer Yi Ching Lee
CoffeeSoc - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Akshat Dixit
Comedy Writing, Improvisation & Perfomance Society (CWIPS) - Committee Member Finn Sofroniou
Comedy Writing, Improvisation & Perfomance Society (CWIPS) - Committee Member Connor Mcmullan
Comedy Writing, Improvisation & Perfomance Society (CWIPS) - Committee Member Robbie Woolterton
Comedy Writing, Improvisation & Perfomance Society (CWIPS) - Committee Member Jodie Young
CySoc - Publicity and IT Officer Nicholas Antoniou
CySoc - Secretary Nicholas Antoniou
CySoc - Social Secretary Nicholas Antoniou
CySoc - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Nicholas Antoniou
DanceSoc - Chair Lila Maleviti
DanceSoc - Class & Workshop Officer Elena Pandeva
DanceSoc - Show Coordinator Rosie Lewis
DanceSoc - Social & Fundraising Secretary Dysa Rafifah
Engineers Without Borders - Vice Chair Rhea Jain
Engineers Without Borders - Welfare and Publicity Officer Aarshia Balchandani Chawla
Fine Art Society - Chair Amy Wynn
Fine Art Society - Events Manager Rhea Jain
Fine Art Society - Secretary Melody Sim
Global Scholar - Treasurer Bailey Fackney
Harry Potter Society (HPS) - Chair Aaryan Agarwal
Harry Potter Society (HPS) - Treasurer Nirek Vasa
Hellenic Society - Secretary Sofia Chondropoulou
Italian Society - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Aleksy Sogliani
Japanese Society - Chair Jumpei Okamoto
Japanese Society - Secretary Lumie Okado
Japanese Society - Treasurer Adrien Grosclaude
Latin American Society - Chair Briana Koepf
Latin American Society - Social Secretary Jimena Alamo
LitSoc - Chair Frances Jenkins
LitSoc - Creative Writing Officer Isobel Dunn-Lowes
LitSoc - Secretary Holly Cashin
LitSoc - Treasurer Molly Van Poortvliet
MusicSoc - Bandroom Manager Selina Robinson
MusicSoc - Events Manager Zisis Tzifas Kratiras
MusicSoc - Events Manager Tiffany Cheung
MusicSoc - Social Secretary Dania Khakwani
MusicSoc - Treasurer Oliver Anderson
MusicSoc - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Arthur Bachini
People and Planet - Secretary Timothy Guest
People and Planet - Treasurer Karim Elbouri
People and Planet - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lumie Okado
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Society (PaPS) - Chair Siobhan O'Higgins
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Society (PaPS) - Secretary Pooja Patel
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Society (PaPS) - Social Secretary Timi Akinola
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Society (PaPS) - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Michaela Clarke Brown
PhotoSoc - Event Officer Chi Wing Lorraine Lo
PhotoSoc - Film Photography Officer Sam Matthews
PhotoSoc - Treasurer Amy Thomas
PhySoc (Physics) - Social Secretary Rhiannon Dubberley
PhySoc (Physics) - Treasurer Elektra Olivero Pistoletto
Poker Society - Secretary Bevan Page
Poker Society - Social Secretary Jordan Tomlinson
Women in Business (WIB) - Secretary Lisa Gosset
Poker Society - Tournament Co-ordinator Jack Cooper
Poker Society - Tournament Co-ordinator William Lee-Anglin
Portuguese Society - Vice Chair Ricardo Mateus
Russian Speaking Society - Chair Ksenia Gorgonova
Russian Speaking Society - Secretary Artem Shargorodskii
Salsa Society - Treasurer Patricia Olivares Jarabo
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime Society - Secretary Rhys Pitcher
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime Society - Social Secretary Adam Doubrava
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime Society - Treasurer George Burkinshaw
Swiss Society - Chair Rebecca Michels
Swiss Society - Social Secretary Gregory Hadeed
Swiss Society - Treasurer Gregory Hadeed
Tabletop Gaming Society (Board games, RPGs, Chess, Bridge, Wargaming, TCGs) - Mah Jong Officer Cheuk Lun Ko
Tabletop Gaming Society (Board games, RPGs, Chess, Bridge, Wargaming, TCGs) - Roleplay Officer Alexa Huxley
University of Bath Law Society - Sponsorship Officer Valeria Bradosche Pallares
Vegetarian Society - Chair Lucy Stevenson
Vegetarian Society - Treasurer Ethan Thomas
Women in Science - Chair Jaiya Keohane