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What We Do


Backstage is a group of students who provide technical expertise at a wide range of events.  We deal with live events like Freshers' Week, theatre performances, club nights, band nights & more.  This means we work closely with other arts sociteies and the SU.  We work both on- and off-campus providing lighting, sound, set design, pyrotechnics, stage management and event management expertise.
Reasons to Join Us


All of the big events (and most of the smaller events) are crewed by members of Backstage - all of the bands that appear in the Tub, the experience that is Freshers' Week, The Summer Ball, plays by Bath University Student Theatre (BUST), musicals by Bath University Student Musical Society (BUSMS) and many, many more.
We work both on- and off-campus providing lighting, sound, set design, pyrotechnic, stage management and event management expertise.
Backstage run a training course which provides continuous training from basic to advanced level on a wide range of subjects. Our training is open (and completely free) to all BTS members. Sessions this year have included stage management, sound engineering, lighting design and pyrotechnics.
We always find time to have fun, and our social secretary lays on many events, from pub tours to canal boating.
Come & Meet Us

You can often find us in our office, located in the Students' Union corridor in 1 East, level 3.


Alternatively, come along to our weekly meetings every Wednesday at 13:15.


You can contact us by email at, or ring 01225 38(3067).

For booking requests, please visit our website at

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