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What We Do


Welcome to BodySoc, the University of Bath's dance society!

We are a large, diverse society offering participation in styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip-Hop. Here you can keep up to date with our upcoming events and exciting news. 


Whether you are advanced, intermediate or a beginner, BodySoc is guaranteed to give you a fun and welcoming experience of university life.


Examples of BodySoc activities which YOU can take part in: 

- Weekly classes for a range of abilities. 

- Two annual shows which anyone can participate in or choreograph in.

- Competition teams for both novice and advanced categories.

- Attendance at 3 national competitions each year!

- Regular socials for all members.


Bodysoc is a brilliant, social society, where students can enjoy dance together, whether continuing with your love of dance at uni, improving your choreography skills or learning to dance for the first time ever!

Make sure to check out our Instagram account (@BodySocBath), Twitter account (@BodysocBath ) and Facebook page!

Reasons to Join Us
  • Keep or develop a passion for dance and spend time with people who love dance as well!
  • Make new friends across different subjects and years and take part in the many fun socials that take place!
  • Develop your dance skills or take classes just to enjoy a break from university work.
  • A chance to participate and compete in inter-univesity dance competitions all throughout England!
  • Our two annual dance shows! (in which YOU can choreograph and dance in as much as you'd like!)



Come & Meet Us


Whether you're a fresher or a Bath Uni veteran, if you're at all interested in dance and what BodySoc has to offer, come and meet us at the Activities Day (Thursday 28th September 2017, on the Parade) or Activities Fair (Monday 2nd October 2017 in Founders Hall) during Fresher's Week 2017!



We will be hosting taster sessions in the first week of Semester 1 on Sunday 1st October (Jazz and Ballet) and Monday 2nd October (Hip-Hop and Contemporary) 2017 in The Edge Dance Studio and would love you to come and take part! Even if you've never danced these styles/ at all before, please do come along as they're always great fun and a fab way to meet new people!



Auditions for the competition teams will be held on October 8th (Time and Location TBC). Again, as with tasters, please do come along even if you've never danced before as they are essentially a free class!



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