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What We Do

Nowadays many students consume coffee on a daily basis. Unfortunately for many people coffee is simply seen as a way to wake up in the morning. The Coffee Society exists to introduce our members to the beautiful world of quality coffee. Moreover, our society aims to educate its members about the production and methods of brewing coffee, and to organise highly interactive events. We will also run a variety of core activities dedicated to socialising and building lasting relationships amongst our members.

Reasons to Join Us
Coffee Soc is established to bring all coffee lovers together to enjoy coffee while having the opportunity to socialise.
Society Aims:
  • We aim to introduce our members to the world of quality coffee.
  • We aim to provide highly interactive activities for our members where they can have fun and meet people with similar interests. 
  • We aim to raise awareness of coffee within/out of campus, with the key purpose of contributing to a more diverse student union
Core Events
  • Fortnightly Coffee Tasting
  • Weekly Cafe Meet
 Other Events
  • Cocktail Night
  • Cafe Crawl
  • London Coffee Festival
  • UK Coffee Week
  • Coffee Fundraising Sale at the Parade
  • Trips to Cafes in Bath/Bristol/London
  • Creative Coffee competition
Are you someone who enjoys coffee and would like to discover more about this magical beverage? 
Are you someone who likes meeting people with similar interests? 
If these apply to you, then why not join us for a cup of quality coffee today!?
Come & Meet Us

Please click the link below to join our Facebook page to get regular updates about our activities. Check out our Instagram for photos from our events.


If you have more enquiries please contact us at:



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