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What We Do

We have a vision.

A world where people everywhere have equal access to the benefits of engineering.


Coming up in the academic year 2017-18...

We have an exciting calender lined up, including:

  • paired events with EWB Bristol
  • a weekend trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
  • debates on current issues faced both in and out of the UK
  • hands-on training and workshops
  • outreach projects with local schools

About us

Engineers Without Borders is an international organisation and registered charity in the UK which aims to inspire, enable and influence global responsibility through engineering.


Our Mission

Globally responsible engineering is about recognising that we are all citizens of one planet and that our actions affect the lives of others. It is about consistently applying social and environmental considerations wherever we are and it is about using engineering as a catalyst to significantly alter the world around us and the way we live our lives.


Outreach Programme

With our Outreach Programme we regularly visit to local schools to inspire the next generation and show young people how they can be part of the solution by engaging with engineering and being more globally responsible citizens.


Our members become ambassadors for the society as they join us in running fun workshops in local classrooms and at science fairs. They develop new skills and confidence while helping to make a difference to young people’s lives.


Community Sessions & Socials

Take part in lively discussions, make new friends at a social and gain a new perspective in our talks from guest speakers. Join us on trips and take part in the challenges.


Workshops & Projects

Learn new practical skills, work in teams and solve problems through challenges and branch projects that help the local community.


EWB UK's International Programmes

Engineers Without Borders UK partners with organisations and communities around the world to increase access to engineering in water and sanitation, clean energy and built environments. They recruit and support qualified volunteer engineers to work on 6 and 12 month opportunities based with local partner organisations. 


Through this page you can keep up to date with all of our events on campus and in Bath in the coming year to enable you with the skills start your international development career!  So watch this space, and hope to see you all soon!


You can keep up to date with all our news and events in our Facebook Group.

Reasons to Join Us

Join a movement which aims to transform the world

Inspire a new generation of Globally Responsible Engineers through Outreach

Be a part of a community of students and enjoy social events

Learn new practical skills, work in teams and solve problems through our Training Programme

Gain an opportunity to go on an EWB-UK International Development Placement

Anyone can join, it's NOT just for engineers! An engineering company needs more than engineers to be successful!

Come & Meet Us


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