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What We Do

Mission statement: We, the Middle Eastern Awareness Society, exist to provide opportunity for Students to learn more about the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of this region. We do so by inciting each student to join conferences, debates and informative events and activities. We strive to develop open-mindedness and comprehension towards this unbalanced and complex region. 


- Promote insight and awareness on the various issues that regard the Middle East 

- Expose the university students to the cultural wealth that the region offers, one that is often overlooked

- Inform students and foster exchange of ideas between them, give opportunity to debate and have opinions without being polemical 


Reasons to Join Us

Challenge your beliefs, Question your preconceptions and Gain insight 


- Students will get involved as this part of the world has a lot of interesting issues and topics to cover that are debatable 

- It is a region which is a source of problem in the whole world and is very present in every day issues (Syrian Civil War, ISIS Iraq and Syria, Arab-Israeli region, Economic boom of Saudi Arabia)

- Only university in the South west which does not yet have a prominent Middle East profile: This is the occasion to give the opportunity to grow this presence while fostering additional curiosity and investment at the SU, university and local community.






Come & Meet Us

We will organise around 10 to 15 events throughout the year that will be advertised on campus, on Facebook, Twitter, our website and this page.


We are currently organising our taster session that will be an exclusive and informal event with students only, to learn about the society, its members and the topics we will address in the year. 


Join us on FB! Middle Eastern Awareness Society at UoB

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for some daily news on the region - MEAsoc_Bath




Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with us!  

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