Bath University Film Society

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What We Do

Weekly films on campus: every Thursday and Monday we screen films in a lecture theatre on campus. After paying our very reasonable membership fee these showings are completely free to Filmsoc members.


Trips to the Little Theatre in Bath: when we don't have a Monday screening on campus we go to the Little Theatre in the centre of Bath. This is a brilliant independent cinema with an interesting array of films and cheap student ticket prices (£3 for members on Sundays and Mondays- please see Reasons to Join Us below for details!).


Socials: meals out, quizzes, trips to popular new releases, our annual LaserQuest venture, and more!

Reasons to Join Us

Free film screenings!


Plus socials, Little Theatre trips and chat with other cinephiles. 


2 for 1 deal with the Little Theatre cinema


We are very excited to announce that we have arranged with the Little Theatre cinema in Bath for Filmsoc members to have 2 for 1 entry and 2 for 1 popcorn on Sundays and Mondays. They have printed membership cards for us which we will hand out at screenings over the coming weeks.


This means that the cost of going to the Little Theatre on Sundays and Mondays will be £3 for a student Filmsoc member!


Please note: the offer only applies on Sundays and Mondays and you must be accompanied by another Filmsoc member in possession of a card in order to get the deal. It does not apply to free list suspended films, which happen on occasion (e.g. Skyfall was free list suspended).

Come & Meet Us

We meet every Monday and Thursday in 5W2.3, screening a range of films voted for by our members. Our screenings take place at 7:30 PM.


Join our facebook group to vote on what film we should show next, as well as trailers and more!

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