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Saturday 25th February -  South West University Pole Competition

end of March - University of Bath Pole Dance Showcase

Freshers Week Taster Classes - Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th October from 4:30-6:00pm, each taster lasts half an hour, so we will be running 3 on each of these days, costs £1.50 and doesn't require you to have purchased a membership.

Feel free to contact any of the committee members for details on these events and how you can get involved.

We try to get out on the parade/in the Founders Hall for Freshers Week and Refresh Week, showcasing some of the pole moves that you can learn in class as well as modelling our society kit. We will also be giving out information on the taster sessions and weekly classes.

At all of these events we highly encourage everyone to have a go on our own freestanding pole, we welcome all abilities!