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· Sessions are held on Thursdays in 8W 2.34 from 7-11pm.

· Everyone is welcome, whether you just fancy a quiet game with a friend, the hair-raising excitement of blitz chess or more of a challenge in a league match. We can cater to all abilities and interests, and are happy to teach new players or offer advice to players who would like to improve their game. For those who just want to have a bit of fun we can show you some variants of chess such as Bounce Chess, Exchange, Suicide, Horde and Alice.

· Each year we submit a team in the Bristol and District League. If you’re interested in playing more competitively and playing a wider variety of people then this may be for you. You don’t have to commit to matches for the whole year so if you want to just give it a try we can fit you into the team at any time.

· Most League fixtures are on Tuesdays. This includes all our home games, which are held in 8W 2.8.

· To be kept up to date on everything chess-related in the society, feel free to join our dedicated Facebook group:

· If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me -  

Edoardo Mancini, 2017/18 Chess Officer,                                                                                 

Christopher Hanson, Wargaming officer 2013/14
Christopher Hanson, Wargaming officer 2013/14