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What We Do

Welcome to Skydiving!

NEW: Due to popular demand, if you fancy just a one-off jump and don't want the pressure of pulling your own parachute, we are now running TANDEM SKYDIVES! (WHOOOOO). 


We run RAPS (Ram Air Progression System) and AFF (Accelerated Freefall) courses throughout the year. Both of these courses enable you to eventually skydive solo anywhere in the world. 



RAPS starts off with static line jumps so don't fear - your parachute will open automatically for you. Once you have got your body position right and have done some 'practice pulls' (after around 5-10 jumps) you will move on to pull your own parachute (no pressure)


AFF starts at 15,000ft, your first jump will be with 2 instructors holding onto you and involves skills and drills in the sky. You move through 8 different levels within AFF and allows you to skydive solo after only 8 jumps. The course for the hardcore adrenaline junkies.


We run RAPS and AFF courses throughout the year depending on interest levels. Keep an eye out for training dates on our Facebook page, or message us for details of the next course. We share our courses with other universities so there's likely to be one coming up!  


NEW: Tandem skydives

You can jump for just £159 from 7000ft or £229 from 15,000 ft! FREE transport to and back from the dropzone will be provided. You will still need to purchase membership for a one-off jump, it's heavily discounted!


So what are you waiting for?! Buy your membership from our products page, then message us for more information about which course is more suitable for you. When you've chosen, buy your first jump course from the product page and contact us with your preffered training date. If you're interested in a tandem, purchase your skydive from the products page (along with club membership) and then contact us with a date that's suitable for you.


Blue skies crazy kids x

Reasons to Join Us
  • Cheap wind tunnel time (Saving of up to £4 a minute!)
  • Discounted first jump courses and RAPS jump tickets
  • Membership to the British Collegiate Parachute Association (BCPA)
  • Once qualified, access to the club's three rigs, saving yourself a small fortune on rig hire


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