Committee’s play a huge part in what we do at SU Sport. Aiming to empower students and develop fundamental skills such as leadership, our clubs are ran by students for students – with the guidance of SU Sports staff of course.

How do you get to be on a committee?

The Sports Executive Committee and SU Sport club’s committees are always democratically elected for the coming academic year in April.

What positions are available?

A committee is made up of three mandatory core positions, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. This doesn’t mean that there are only three positions which you can apply for, clubs have a range of positions available to meet their club’s needs; from Inter-Halls Coordinators to sponsorship secretaries.

So how do I get stand for election?

You have to join SU sport to stand for election to be on the sports executive committee and have joined the relevant SU Sports club to stand to be on their committee. Elections period will be widely advertised, however keep an eye on the elections page in April for notification on when they open as well as to submit your manifesto for a position you’d like to stand for.

Club Development Officers

What is a Club Development Officer (CDO)?

A handful of clubs have a Club Development Officer which sits on their committee as a non-voting member. They will focus of developing their club to meet its needs and solve any issues it has in conjunction with SU Sport and their respective committee and national governing body.

This is the perfect position for a potential future committee member and/or someone looking to gain fantastic skills in planning and strategic development as well as communication and much more.

How do you apply to be a Club Development Officer?

CDOs are selected for the position through an application process during May after elections. People interested in applying for the position should email a letter outlining who they are, any experience which they will have, as well as an brief description of the things they would like to achieve over their time in the role to SU Sport.

What happens once you’ve got the position?

Once you’ve been successful in your application as a club development officer, you will be contacted by the member of staff responsible for you. You will then have a meeting with that member of staff and your club’s Chair to discuss yours and your national governing body’s targets, how to achieve them and the support you will need in doing so – some club development officers might also include their respective national governing body in this meeting as well as have to attend a training event with them. You will then get to work on developing your club through the outlined targets and action in conjunction with SU Sport and your respective club committee and national governing body.


As a captain you are in a very important position which develops numerous skills that can benefit you throughout your degree and beyond, such as organisational, leadership and communication skills. Captains are selected by teams at the start of every academic year by the teams and committees of the clubs. These captains then have to attend a training sessions outlining all of their roles and responsibilities as well as information on SU Sport.