Lockdown Challenge

Go the Extra Mile!

We know it's hard to stay motivated and keep moving during lockdown, so we're here to give you a helping hand! Walk or run over lockdown to compete for prizes for your group, or for yourself! 

This is a great way to get outdoors and get active! You could even meet up with a friend/exercise buddy for a socially distanced walk!

Individual Competition

Three lucky individuals will be in with the chance of getting some Under Armour Stash to look stylish when you're out and about! This competition is all about getting as much distance as possible until Wednesday 2 December. There are also some random participation prizes if you're not too bothered about distance, but want to keep up the movement through lockdown! Interested in entering?

  • Set yourself up with a free account on Strava
  • Join https://www.strava.com/clubs/su-bath-individual-779609
  • Select the record button – make sure you’re recording your exercise as a run, regardless of whether you’re walking
  • Get out and about – strava will track your distance and produce a map (this is the proof you’ve done it!)

Group competition

If you’re a part of a sports club, society or volunteering get some steps in to be in with the chance of getting £200 for your group. The average distance for your membership will be taken so smaller groups are at no disadvantage. The group committees should be setting up their own strava clubs but if you’re struggling to find this, get in touch with the committee.

  • Set up a strava account
  • Join the running club set up by your committee: they should be providing everyone with a link but you can also search for this on the Strava explore page
  • Record your exercises as a run, regardless of whether you’re walking
  • Get moving! Strava will work in the background to produce a map of your walk

This could also be the perfect opportunity to do something with your exercise buddies or to do some socially distanced activities with a mate. So put on your trainers, grab your app and get exploring Bath!

The small print

You can find the full terms and conditions over on our Strava running club but we just wanted to run you through some bits and bobs too. This is all for a bit of fun to get us out and about and keep spirits high. Please let us know if anyone’s pressuring you to walk/run further than you want because we aren’t about that.  You’ll also need to be a registered student to enter. If you’re doing it as part of a group, you’ll also need to be a member of that particular group.


Well done to everyone who took part, the final results from the lockdown challenge are as follows:

Position Sport Distance/member (km)
1st Athletics 17.07
2nd Rowing 10.65
3rd Sailing 10
4th CESA 7.26
5th HKPASS 5.96
6th Karate 4.86
7th Gymnastics 4.54
8th Cheerleading 3.69
9th DanceSoc 3.12
10th Trampoline 3.08
11th Handball 2.97
12th Surf 2.87
13th Volleyball 2.83
14th Netball 2.54
15th Lacrosse 2.3
16th Tennis 2.27
17th Swimming 1.75
18th Badminton 1.18
19th Politics 0.93