British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the National Governing Body who organises the majority of competitive sport in Higher Education across the UK. All teams that compete in BUCS competitions can earn points for the University. Points are awarded for individual and team performances in league, cup and tournaments, all collating into a final university league table which we consistently rank within the top 5 for.

When do we compete?

Most league matches take place on a Wednesday afternoon, with lectures across the University finishing by 1pm. Some matches and tournaments take place on weekends as well, with this largely dependent on the competition and the sport. Fixtures can be viewed for our teams by navigating the below window of teams.

How can I compete in BUCS?

Thirty-six of our 48 sports clubs enter teams into BUCS competitions totalling over 70 teams. To become a member of a club you have to be a student at the University of Bath, then once a member of one of these clubs, you may be selected through trials or recognition in a recreational program to take part in BUCS competition.

Please note that if you’re a student, you have to be taking over 30 course credits to be eligible to participate in BUCS


BUCS Athlete Support

Even if you’re not part of a BUCS team, make sure you wander around our sports facilities on a Wednesday afternoon to watch and support our squads as they represent the University! Don’t worry about access to facilities, gates are left open for teams and spectators; you can even have #blueandgold face paint done if you go to the SU Sport office on level 2 in the students union. Remember #wearebath