Sport Stash Sale

Sport Stash Sale

This is your opportunity to have a root through your wardrobes and dig out all that Bath Stash you no longer use. This could be playing, training, or casual kit, of any age or condition, just stipulate this in the form. We will take it, sell it for you and pay you! 10% of all sales will go to RAG's Big 4. So rather than let them sit unused or throwing them away, let us have a go at selling them for you, help the environment and contribute towards some fantastic charities!

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Sport Stash Sale this time.

Due to lack of stash to sell, we are having to cancel the stash sale this time around, but dont worry, we are planning on running another salre in the next academic year.

If you would like to donate stash, with all profits going to RAG, please drop it by the Edge Offices on Level 2 of the Edge. The Office is open 10am-4pm on weekdays!


If you have any questions about this event, please contact Elizabeth Stacey, SU Sports Officer -