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What We Do

Welcome to the Social and Policy Sciences Society - to be known as the SPSociety.

Our aim is to provide both existing and new students with the opportunity to socialise with people who have similar interests to them. We want to encourage increased fresher participation; establish a stronger communication link between the committee itself and similar committees; work to organise interesting and relevant guest speakers and most importantly strive to provide innovative and fun socials.

Whether you're a fresher or in your final year, looking to enjoy social events and club nights or guest speakers and academic support, SPS Society has something to offer you!

Reasons to Join Us

  • Great opportunities to meet and make friends with other students who are interested in social sciences
  • More involvement with the student's union and department
  • Unique opportunities (such as guest speakers and trips)
  • A monthly newsletter which covers all up and coming events and news within the SPS Society



Events Secretary

International Development and Economics Liaison