Committee Members 2021/22


Elliot Webber is the Chair of the club this year. Elliot will be in charge of the club's general running and BUCS teams and their fixtures ensuring that all competitive matches run smoothly. Elliot is completing his Masters in Sports Science.

Contact Elliot @ or message him on facebook! 


Freya Porter is the Secretary of the club this year. Freya will be managing external communications and assisting the Chair in his duties. Freya is completing her Masters in Aerospace Engineering. 

Contact Freya @ or message her on facebook! 


Georgia Mackenzie is the Treasurer of the club this year. Georgia will be in charge of funding, coaching, membership fees and equipment costs. Georgia is completing her Masters in Maths. 

Contact Georgia @ or message her on facebook! 

Club Development Officer

Oliver Paice is the Club Development Officer (CDO) for this year. Ollie will be in charge of the long term development of the club as well as general management of the clubs recreational side including wednesday club nights and managing the clubs internal team league. Ollie is completing his Masters in Aerospace Engineering. 

Contact Ollie @ or message him on facebook! 

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Annabel is the Welfare and Inclusivity Officer for this year. Annabel will be ensuring that there is no segregation in the Club between team and recreational players to create a friendly atmosphere. Annabel is completing her Masters in Maths and Physics.

Contact Annabel @ or message her on facebook!

Social Secretaries

Stephen and Toby are the social secretaries for the club this year. They will be organising nights out both in Bath and on campus. The socials are for everyone in the club and NOT just the team members. Stephen is studying Natural Science. Toby is studying Sports and Exercise Science.

Contact Stephen @

Contact Toby @ or message either on facebook!

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions regarding the club please do not hesitate to ask us either in person or by email!

We hope to get to know all of you so please come and introduce yourselves on socials and at club night.

Squove (squash love) x