What We Do

The International Sushi Society features SUSHI TASTING SOCIALS and events to members of all nationalities (and accommodations ;)). The Society aims to spread how important as well as advantageous diversity is at university and beyond through the PROCESS OF EATING SUSHI. We hope to form a society where the people can accept each other regardless of their gender, race, nationality, or socioeconomic background. All in all, we STRIVE TO BE the MOST diverse, flexible and TASTY society on campus!

Sushi tasting events will be focused around tables filled with sushi, where people can gather, socialise and enjoy great quality sushi cheaper!!

Anyone joining the society is encouraged to suggest an idea or plan and could take part in organising events such as sushi tasting socials, sushi making classes and much more (with the help of the core members) ! We understand that everyone is busy, so all members are welcome to be as active as they wish in the society. This is a community where you can grow as a person, be comfortable and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Overall the Society is a place to socialise, meet people who also love sushi, learn about new cultures and of course, enjoy your favourite sushi as well as trying new ones!!

Reasons to Join Us

-Socials with great quality sushi

-Sushi cooking skills

-Make new friends with a common interest

-Knowledge about various food cultures

-Ability to plan and execute events


Events are being planned.....


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