Plant your vote

We are so excited to announce the return of Plant Your Vote. During this year’s SU Officer Elections, we will plant 1 tree for every 10 individual votes* placed. On top of this, we have chosen some of our favourite local conservation groups to support throughout the voting period. 

Last year your votes donated 541 trees to More Trees BANES and supported 4 local conservation groups. These trees will be planted in the local Bath area to community orchards, schools, parks and public spaces.

*1 person = Although 1 person can cast multiple votes, the person will only be counted once. In 2019/20 elections approx. 5900 individuals voted. The SU will donate up to 600 trees.

How does it work?

10 votes = 1 tree. 

We will donate 1 tree for every 10 votes to More Trees BANES who work to plant and protect trees in the local area.

Plus we’ve got extra incentives along the way to support conservation charities.

1000 votes - Adopt a Badger with Avon Wildlife Trust
2000 votes – Donate 100m2 of wildflowers to West Country Buzz
3000 votes – - Adopt an animal with Bath City Farm
4500 votes – Adopt Salt the Humpback Whale with Whale and Dolphin Conservation

How can I get involved?

It’s easy – just vote! We’ve got 6 SU Officer positions available for the next academic year. The elected Officers represent the voices of our community for one academic year and become the head of the SU organisation, which is why they are selected by the student body. Candidates for all roles will be announced soon and you can check out their manifestos to help you decide who to vote for.

There will be volunteering opportunities to work with More Trees BANES to help plant the trees we have donated. Keep an eye out for opportunities in Semester 2 with V Trees.

Why is this important?

More Trees BANES

You probably know by now that trees are really good at removing carbon from the atmosphere and converting that into oxygen. Trees also provide habitat for wildlife and defend against flooding. In the UK, forests only cover 12% of our land area. That’s compared with 47% in Europe.

Since they began work in 2008, More Trees BANES has planted around 8000 trees in the local area. They are a not-for-profit community group run entirely by volunteers, supporting community groups, schools and local businesses.

Avon Wildlife Trust

Badgers can spread bovine TB to cattle herds. Culling takes place to reduce the spread and protect the cows, which also protects humans so TB doesn’t go into the food we eat. The good news is that badger culling is being phased out in this country, but for now the practice still takes place. Avon Wildlife Trust works to vaccinate badgers so they can go on to live long and happy lives without catching TB.

Avon Wildlife Trust manages 30 nature reserves in the West of England. They work to protect wildlife in our area and manage the living landscapes where the wildlife can thrive. By adopting a badger we will help pay for the cost of the vaccination programme.

West Country Buzz – Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bees and insects are vitally important to our eco system as they pollinate many of the crops that are grown for human consumption. Some species of bumblebee are now extinct and the general bee population is in decline. Bumblebee Conservation Trust works to increase the bumblebee population by creating quality habitats for them to live across the UK.

West Country Buzz covers the whole of the North Devon Coast and works with local farmers and volunteers. Our donation will give enough wildflowers to fill a rugby pitch, creating flower rich habitats in the countryside for the local bees.

Bath City Farm

Based in Twerton, Bath City Farm gives so much back to the community. They provide education, therapeutic activities and training for both disabled and disadvantaged people in Bath. Their activities can do so much to boost the wellbeing of the people they support. By teaching skills in planting, growing, farming and animal care they support the environment and build awareness of environmental issues

By adopting an animal we will support the amazing work Bath City Farm does in our community.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whales play a very important role in the fight against climate change. They release nutrients that help support phytoplankton which are tiny plant-like organisms which produce oxygen and absorb carbon, just like trees. During their lifetime, whales sequester as much carbon as 30,000 trees. Even when they die and fall to the ocean floor, the carbon stays locked in their bodies for thousands of years.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation are dedicated to ensuring the safety and freedom of whales and dolphins across the world. They work to end captivity, stop whaling, create healthy seas and prevent deaths from fishing nets. They have been following the life of Pepper the humpback whale off the coast of New England, USA. By adopting Pepper we will support the work of WDC to protect her home and ensure she can swim in safety.  

2549 Votes

1000 = Adopt a Badger with Avon Wildlife Trust
2000 = Donate 100m2 of wildflowers to West Country Buzz
3000 = Adopt an animal with Bath City Farm
4500 = Adopt Salt the Humpback Whale with Whale and Dolphin Conservation