Bridge is a trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck, played by four players in two competing partnerships. Every hand is like a logic puzzle, requiring lots of skill, planning and some basic probability.

Unusually for a card game, luck is a very small factor in bridge. This is because, over the course of a tournament, everyone plays the same pre-dealt hands passed around the room in small holders called boards. Your score on any particular board is based on how well you did when compared to everyone else.

Bridge is a partnership game and as such is very social. Decent communication skills during both the auction and the card play are vital to success. Your partner’s fate is in your hands, and your fate is in his.

The Bridge Club is currently run by Alex Nikodem-Wing, a third-year Civil Engineering student. Any queries regarding the bridge club should be addressed to

If you are considering joining the bridge club then please do join the club's Facebook group

No previous experience, either with bridge or card games in general, is required.

[Covid update]: Due to the latest government guidelines bridge will not be able to take place in person for the foreseeable future, please check the bridge Facebook page for the latest updates.

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