Mahjong is the most intense game on Earth! A four-person tile game with origins from China, players take turns drawing and discarding tiles to form a winning hand of 14 tiles. Whoever can do so the fastest wins! The rarer the combinations that form the hand, the more points! Simple, right?

Newcomers are welcome and need not worry! Our committee is more than happy to spend time getting all players up to speed.

4 reasons to play Mahjong with Tabletop:

  1. It's for everyone! Mahjong isn't a just a cultural game, anyone can play. In fact, our Mahjong sub-committee is full of incredibly diverse and friendly people. No matter where you are from, Mahjong welcomes you! 
  2. It's addictively fun! For proof just ask our incredibly enthusiastic sub-committee members! Not satisfied? Come and play to see for yourself.
  3. It's social! Mahjong is simply another social event! Meet other culture-lovers / game-enthusiasts like yourself and look forward to making new friends and bond through unexpected wins and losses.
  4. It's intense! It can get incredibly intense, and it's definitely intellectually challenging. Mahjong is a game that rewards risk on the highest of scales! 

So what are you waiting for? Just come and experience it yourself!

Session and Plans: 

  • Please check our Facebook page to know our plans for this year and for more exciting news to come! 

For more questions, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or via the Tabletop email. You can also email our fellow Mahjong officer, Kyi Phyu, at


Image credit: Mahjong