Welcome to the Bath University tennis society fresher's week page!

Here you can find out about all the events within the first two weeks of term to welcome you into the club. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or BUCS team player, we have a lot available for you!

Keep your eyes open through our instagram, facebook and twitter for more updates as well.

Visit us at the Fresher's fair!

Date & Time: Wednesday 25th September @ 11:00-15:00

Content: Opportunity for Q&A with your committee

Venue: PARADE (outside of the library)

Come for Trials! Come along to the time depending on your rating.

Date & Time: Thursday 26th September


Men: 10am-2pm

10-11am, 10.2-8.2

11-12pm, 8.1-6.1

12-1pm, 5.2 - 3.2,

1-2pm, <3.2.

Ladies: 2-5pm

2-3pm, 10.2-8.1

3-4pm, 7.2-4.2

4-5pm, <4.2

Taster Session:

Date & Time: Friday 27th September @ 1-3pm

Content: Different tennis games (Drills, Cardio Tennis, Mini Tennis) and a tournament!


Returner's Socail:

Date and Time: Friday 27th September, @ TBD

Content: Bar Crawl through Bath, locations to be determined! See the facebook group and the group chat for more detals.