Ross Mason - Chair -

Hey Guys I'm Ross! believe it or not but I've only done 1 triathlon yet somehow I'm here as Chair of the club...dreams really do come true! I joined the triathlon club in my second year purely because the social side to the club was amazing. Since joining I have met so many awesome like minded people who have made my uni experience unreal. This really is the club to be part of, we are growing year on year and making waves not just around the uni but the whole of the UK too. Any questions or concerns drop me a message on facebook or email. Look forward to seeing you all at socials and sessions in the coming year!



Joanna Goodhead - Treasurer -

Hi I'm Joanna and I am going to be your treasurer this year. I am in my final year studying sport and exercise science. I joined the club in my first year knowing very little about triathlon but a keen swimmer and runner and now a very keen triathlete. We are friendly, inclusive and offer something for everyone in everything whether you are an experienced triathlete or a complete novice. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message or catch me at a session!




 Tom Mcmanners - Secretary -

Tom McManners is secretary and final year mech eng. He recreationally takes tri seriously - sometimes. Likes long-course racing and strength-endurance sessions. Barely studies in first semester and barely trains in second semester. Also tests theories on himself to check he really is doing everything wrong. He’d rather be rowing but 3 sports in 1 is a better deal.





Becky Pope - Events Organiser -

Hi I’m Becky and I’m the events organiser for this year. I’m going into my second year at Bath and only took up triathlon as a fresher. The club is very inclusive from all the training and racing to the socials and especially the trip abroad. All of which are taking place again this year and are available for all abilities. Anyone is welcome to take part in as many or few of the events as they wish. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch.





Tom Cohen - Social Secretary -

Hey guys I'm Tom and I'm this years social secretary and I'm in my second year of Civil Engineering at Bath. In all honesty my brother told me to join the triathlon club like him in my first year so that I would stop being lazy, and even though I won't say it to his face, sometimes he has some good advise. It is such an inclusive club and I've made so many friends which were a key part in making my first year of uni so great. Plus the sessions can be great fun alongside the pains and gains. If you have any queries or suggestions, just pop me a message - otherwise, I look forward to meeting you all at sessions and social events alike!

 Mollie Rickwood - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer -

Hiya, I’m Mollie, a second year Biochemistry student and I’m going to be the Inclusivity Officer this year. I hadn’t even considered joining triathlon when starting university but was drawn to the club by their fun and welcoming atmosphere. I’ve grown in confidence in all of the elements of triathlon over the year supported by other club members. I’m looking forward to meeting the new members and am happy to answer any questions about the club so feel free to ping me a message or catch me at training.