In response to the coronavirus crisis, a number of groups and individuals in Bath have developed different initiatives to provide support to those most in need. SU Volunteering are currently supporting Bath’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG) in coordinating these schemes to provide help and resources to those in need.

Here is a round up of Bath's initiatives and how you can help:

Compassionate Communities

You can sign up to be Compassionate Community Connector. Through this volunteers are being recruited to help at a local level in their community, mostly limited to their street. This can be through calling someone who is lonely, to collecting shopping, or walking a dog. If you can help sign up here

Bath RAG

RAG have launched an appeal to support local organisations that are on hand to support vulnerable members of our society. The donations will be allocated (via the 3SG Group) to those charities and individuals with a need for support such as foodbanks, homeless shelters or hospitals.  Donate

Local Charities and groups

You can see which local charities and groups need more help during this time here

More community initiatives that you can help with.

For further info or any questions please go to 

National Volunteer Opportunities and Guidance

You can find useful information here if wanting to volunteer in your home town outside of Bath