Last year V Team decided to do what they do a little different. They wrapped up their much-loved events into some action-packed projects. Covid put a bit of a pin in the plan but next year we are going to be back bigger and better than ever. 

Working towards our new vision statement and objectives, we need dynamic individuals who want to make a difference. 


That the University of Bath has a culture of volunteering enabling students to engage with meaningful opportunities and contribute to their local community.


To build relationships between students and other local residents through compassionate, inclusive and sustainable projects that focus on improving the lives of those around us.

 2021-2022 Objectives: 

  • Create a hybrid experience for volunteers, returning to much loved in person events while also support students who cant be here to volunteer.
  • Relaunch V Team on social media and raise identity on campus to increase engagement.
  • Develop a frame work on what a good student led project is and ensure our projects meet it.
  • Work with each project to make environmentaly sustainable swaps in how they operate and track how we have improved

Our new project structure has adapted much loved V Team events to create projects allowing volunteers the option of regular or one-off volunteering. This year we're looking forward to implementing these changes for in person events. 



V Run

The V Run project will be combining our much loved Santa Dash with the Colour Run and Bath Half. We are looking for volunteers to help make all three events a success. 

V Raise

This project will work alongside the V Run project: recruiting a team of fundraisers who love to run. Over the course of the academic year you will train and raise money as a team by entering into the Santa Dash, Colour Run and the Bath Half. This project is crucial to V Team as it will help to raise funds to support our community projects. 

V Clean 

Working with the amazing Whale and Dolphin Conservation this project will run events such as our Urban Beach Clean and other community cleans. We will be exploring the options of trips to the beach as well as looking to do a paddleboarding clean up along the river. 

V Collect 

Previously V Team has run several collection campaigns for the local community and wider area. This year we believe more than ever this is essential to supporting vulnerable members of the community. This project will run various events such as the Wrap-up Campaign. Our new Christmas Appeal as well as several food bank collections throughout the year. 

Dr V

Our dedicated project for Doctoral students looking to meet others and get involved with the community, although all of our projects are open to Doctoral students this is a space just for them to make a difference in Bath. One of the events that you could get involved in is our annual Research Objects session with Age UK BANES where you will have the opportunity to discuss your research with older members of the community. 

V Graduate

Our dedicated project for Postgraduate students looking to meet others and get involved with the community, although all of our projects our open to Postgraduate students this is a space just for them to make a difference in Bath. The project will run activities requested by the Postgraduate community. 

V Parks 

Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation is paving the way to create more community-friendly green spaces. If you like conservation this is your opportunity to help improve the quality of the parks around Bath.

V Trees 

If you love the outdoors and trees this is the project for you. Working with More Trees BANES a local charity that is trying to plant more trees. The regular activity would involve planting trees and helping maintain the tree nurseries where saplings are nurtured until they can be planted in their forever home. 

V Twerton 

Working with Twerton Primary School you will have the opportunity to deliver an action-packed Christmas Party for primary school children as well as an Easter Egg hunt. This year we are looking to further develop our relationship with Twerton Primary School and run additional activities with them. 

V Coding 

Following on from the success of last year's project we will be running two code club groups this academic year. The plan is to have one running on campus and one running in the local community. This project is looking for women who are interested in coding (no experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn). Working over a course of 10 weeks the project will inspire young girls to consider a career in tech by teaching them how to code using an interactive online programme. 

V Heart Start 

Could you help to save a life? Come and learn how to do CPR and then how to teach it to students and staff.

V Virtual 

Many students will need to participate virtually next year. This is an opportunity to support local, national and international projects from home. 


V Repair 

Sustainability is the key to a healthy future. Working with Share and Repair, V Team will host multiple Repair Cafes across the year, where students and staff can bring broken items to be repaired for free. On top of this, we aim to host workshops on how to do basic repairs yourself. 

V Aware 

Working with a variety of causes V Aware will have a leader per cause we are raising awareness off. Currently, we are supporting the Voices charity with raise awareness of the nature and impacts of domestic abuse, and of the needs of survivors and their families.