Students make up a significant proportion of the local community. The Students’ Union works closely with other Students’ Unions, organisations and the local Council to ensure the needs of students and residents are being met.

If you would like to ask a question or raise a concern about a community issue, you can contact 

the Community Officer on or visit the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre.

Student Community Partnership

The Student Community Partnership (SCP) is made up of Bath & North East Somerset Council and Student and Staff representatives from the University of Bath and Bath Spa University.

The SCP provides a forum for liaison between the Universities, their Students' Unions and the Council on matters relating to students and the local community. This includes accommodation, transport, welfare, community relations, community safety and environmental issues.

A range of Students' Union officers and staff are involved in the work of the Student Community partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Students’ Union Community Officer on or come along to the Advice and Representation Centre

Council Services

To find out more about Council services in your local area, you can visit the Bath and North East Somerset Council webpages and enter your postcode.

Voting in the local community

We strongly encourage students who are eligible to register to vote in the UK to do so. Students are eligible to vote in local government elections both at home and their term time address, although in voting for a Member of Parliament in the General elections, you can only vote in one. Students make up a significant number of votes in the local area and the more that vote, the more that politicians pay attentions to students needs.  Find out more about student voting and how to register to vote.

Recent issues

What issues have we been addressing locally?

Article 4 Direction

The Students' Union has been actively fighting the proposed implementation of article 4 direction, which plans to restrict House of Multiple Occupancy in areas of the city.


Buses have been a Top Ten issue for a number of years. Over this time the Students' Union worked with Wessex Connect to introduce a competitive service to First, worked to enhance routes to Combe Down and has worked with all bus companies to try to increase provision at peak times.