The Students’ Union exists to ensure your views are effectively represented to the University, to enable you to get the most out of your student experience.

The Students’ Union and University work closely together to look at all aspects of the University experience and how they can be improved. Students at Bath report being feeling that they are the most listened to students across the country (National Student Survey results) and the Students' Union is widely recognised as being highly effective at representing students’ views.

University committees

Over 90 University committees and working groups have student representation - students elected to raise your views and promote activities to improve the student experience.

The Students' Union works with the University to ensure that students are part of relevant committees, reviews membership, runs elections, and provides training and briefings for students acting as representatives on committees. We look at research of student opinion and discussion held at relevant meetings to ensure these points are being addressed.

Students’ Union Officers

Each year, you have the opportunity to elect five full time student officers to represent you on every aspect of student life.  These officers regularly meet informally and formally with members of staff and departments across the university to take action on the things that matter to you.

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Academic Representatives and Faculty Representatives

Every programme across the Faculty elects students to represent the entire programme to your department/school on academic issues. These students are known as Academic Representatives. Academic Reps attend meetings within your department to discuss issues raised by students as well as looking at how the department can further improve. Academic reps also meet regularly at the Students’ Union Academic Council to discuss and agree what action students want to see the University take on current topics.

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Research and Surveys

The Students’ Union aims to ensure the view of all students is heard. In addition to other channels of representation, a wide variety of research of student’s views is undertaken both by the Students’ Union and jointly with the University.  We also strongly encourage students to share their views in a number of national surveys. The results of these help us to shape both your student experience and that of future students.