Academic Reps are elected by their cohort so students can decide who represents them. Each year of study and programme can nominate and vote for the student they would like to be their voice in key meetings.

When are the Elections?

We hold elections for Rep roles to ensure students can decide democratically who represents them. You must nominate yourself and include a short statement to your peers outlining why you would like the role. These elections happen twice a year, focusing on electing different roles at different times:

Time of Year Rep Roles in Election
Autumn First Year Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught, Senate Rep
Spring All other Undergraduate Doctoral


If you would like to see when the next election is, you can find the election timetable here.

What do I include in my Manifesto?

To nominate yourself for an Academic Rep position, all you need is a short manifesto and a picture of yourself. If you are struggling to get started:

  • Manifestos should be no longer than 500 words, so make sure you get your point across efficiently.
  • Express why you would like to be an Academic Rep, including any previous experience in representing your peers.
    • E.g., School Prefect/Councillor, peer mentoring, previously an Academic Rep
  • State any objectives you would like to achieve if you were to become an Academic Rep; remember to be realistic and not make false claims.
    • E.g., Better quality of assessment feedback, more subject-specific study spaces
  • A preferable picture  

How do I get votes?

As a candidate for an Academic Rep position, you cannot spend money on your campaign. However, it is important to inform your peers of your candidacy to encourage them to vote for you. Here are some of the ways you can promote the elections:

  • Shout out in lectures
  • Message in program-specific group chat
  • Speak to your peers

The SU and your departments will also be promoting the elections through emails, stands and giveaways.

What are the Election rules?

You can find the breakdown of rules for elections on our Election Rules page.

Election Contacts

For questions regarding position eligibility, contact or

For technical questions relating to the functionality of the website, contact

For all questions relating to candidate rulings or complaints about a particular election, contact