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Welcome to The SU Bath Volunteering page for Charities. There are many ways University of Bath Students can help your cause. This page has been designed to aid collaboration and help us understand how we can best support you. Don’t forget you can get in touch with the team anytime: 

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Volunteering Opportunities Page

We have a site dedicated to community led activity. Here we can advertise your volunteering opportunities and help you find volunteers for your organisation. Where possible, we will target student’s we think would be the perfect fit for your specific opportunity. 


We have a handy guide on how to set up an account to put up activities and a handy user guide.

If you are struggling to access your account, please email: 


IMPORTANT: International Students are limited to how many volunteering hours they can undertake whilst they are studying in the UK, in light of this, and other restrictions, the Volunteering Team have created a factsheet to help understand the difference between Volunteering and Voluntary Work 

Volunteer Recruitment Terms and Conditions - by advertising your volunteering opportunities via The SU Bath you are agreeing to abide by the Volunteer Recruitment Terms and Conditions



Bath V Team 

Bath V Team is one of our largest student-led groups. They organise volunteering projects around the community, working with a variety of charities and causes. 

Previously V Team have operated by running various events throughout the year. Going into 2020, V Team are looking to change how they operate as they want to make a greater impact in the local community. 


Changes for 2020 

V Team have reshaped their aims and objectives in hopes to continue growing and creating positive change. 

Vision: The University of Bath has a culture of volunteering, enabling students to engage with meaningful student-led opportunities to contribute to their local community.

Aim: Build relationships between students and residents through compassionate, inclusive and sustainable projects that focus on improving the lives of those around us. 

2020-2021 Objectives:  

  • Continue to provide meaningful opportunities despite COVID-19 

  • Help as many students as possible, to support local charities and causes through this difficult time. 

  • Establish student-led projects in line with our aim. 

What this means for you as a partner?  

We are looking for opportunities for students to run a community project with you. It needs to be something that a student can have a lead on with some autonomy but still working closely with you as well as capacity for 5+ volunteers to help each time it runs. To discuss how we can work together, please get in touch with  

Examples of student led projects.  

Bath V Team – Code Club 

Working with Mighty Girls, Bath V Team run a weekly coding club for girls, aiming to inspire them to have a future career in STEM.

RAG (Raise & Give) Student Fundraising 

All student led fundraising goes through RAG. They support students with advice, guidance and legal processes. RAG have several ways they can work with you through the year; 

Big 4 - Each year RAG selects four charities to be the main recipients of fundraising activity. Applications to be one of the Big Four open in January. To find out more check out RAG’s webpage. Each year this is RAG’s main focus and where most funds are directed. 

RAG also run several small fundraisers events throughout the year for charities, examples include Sleep Out for Julian House and Kennel Break for Bath Cats and Dogs Home. If you have an idea for a joint event email 

Working with Bath RAG 

RAG aims to work in partnership with charities to raise awareness and funds for the causes you support. We are always interested in new ideas or projects and we look forward to working with you in the future. For more information please email 



Lloyds Scholars

Who are Lloyds Scholars

Lloyds Scholars is a unique social mobility programme run by Lloyds Banking Group. Partnering with leading universities across the UK such as Bath, they offer students from lower income households a complete package of financial support, at least one paid internship, a business mentor and the opportunity to develop their employability skills, boosting future career prospects. Each year Lloyds Scholars need to achieve 100 hours of volunteering as part of the scheme. Due to restrictions from the programme Lloyds Scholars cannot count hours from purely fund-raising events.

What you can do with Lloyds Scholars

Charity Sting: The is an opportunity for charities to meet with a team of students and share a project or problem for the students to brainstorm solutions and ideas.

We are also always on the lookout for one off volunteering activity that a group of Scholars can participate in.

How to get in touch

If you are interested in working with Lloyds Scholars email

Make a difference day (MAD)

Every year we hold a handful of Make a Difference days. These days are aimed at people who don't regularly volunteer with us and we look at exciting opportunities to reach out to new people. One example is the Dementia Awareness course we hosted with B&NES Dementia Action Alliance to raise the awareness of dementia among students. If you think that you have an idea of something we could do as part of a Make a Difference day email


Working with Bath SU Societies and Sports

Bath has over 100 students led student groups. Focusing on Sports, Societies, Campaigning and Activism as well as many other causes. If you have any ideas on how you could work with one of the groups email and we can propose any ideas to one of our groups.