CampusTV at Freshers' Week

Hi! This is where you'll find all you need to know about joining Media here at Bath.

We are made up of three sub groups: radio, video & newspaper, but all collaborate together for big events and socials.

Your membership grants you access to all three sub groups so, whether you're into presenting, video editing, proofreading - or all three and more - there are no limits on what you can do with us. We're always ready to train up new members and there is never a dull moment so come into our offices in 1E 3.12 (Bath Time) and 1E 3.11 (CampusTV) or the URB studios on level 2 of the student centre.

Have a look at each of our pages to see specifically what we get up to week on week, then join up and dive in. See you soon!

Join media

For the small price of just £9 you get membership to all 3 of our sub groups.

Join the relevant Facebook groups to find out how you can get involved: Bath Time, CampusTV and University Radio Bath.


  • Media Membership£9.00

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