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SU Officer Elections

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SU Officer Elections 2019/2020

6 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls open at 14:15 on Tuesday 26 February 2019 (in 6 days)

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Nightline Elections

Nightline by elections 2018/19 round 2

Diversity and Support group committee elections

1 post is up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 20:00 on Wednesday 20 February 2019 (in 18 hours)

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Society Elections

No societies club committee elections are currently running

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Why your vote makes a difference to your life at University

The Students’ Union is, as the name says, a union of students, students here at Bath.  Students, supported by full time staff, are working for the benefit of students at many different levels in the SU. 

Most of the non-academic activities here at Bath are run through the SU.  Look at the tabs at the top of this web page to see the variety covered.  Activities are grouped into different areas for the usual organisational reasons.  There are the sporting clubs, the non-sporting societies, the volunteering groups, support groups and more.  Individual activity groups are run by committees, the areas into which these individual activity groups fall are run by executive committees.  The committees and executive committees are all students, students who are elected by their fellow students.

Bath has a very strong academic representation system.  Students are elected from every year, for every course, again by their fellow students.  They are elected to represent their peers on their programme and in their year both on their departmental Student, Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) and in the Students’ Union’s Academic Council meetings.

Students sit on several University committees, two of the most important being Senate and Council, Senate, Students’ Union (CSSU), both chaired by the Vice Chancellor.  The students who sit on these committees are elected from the student body.

The leaders of the Students’ Union are the six officers, who are also elected from and by the student body.  These officers are also trustees of the Students’ Union which is a registered charity.  The six posts are:

  • SU President
  • Education Officer
  • Community Officer
  • Activities Officer
  • Sport Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer

They have collective and team responsibilities but all also have their own discrete areas of responsibility, leading the various areas mentioned above.

In each and all of these areas students are elected by other students to lead and to represent them, whether it’s the rowing club or the Sports executive committee, an academic rep or a SU officer.

You can be part of this.  You might want to be involved in running an activity group, an area or representing your course mates or leading the whole SU but if you don’t, you should have an opinion about and a say in choosing who does. 

So make sure that you do something important: VOTE