The SU runs elections so you can decide who should be the next group of students to run and lead SU activities. Most of the non-academic activities here at Bath are run through the SU, and there are lots of positions you could vote in or nominate yourself for including full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions. Elected students then set the direction of the SU, decide on student policy, and run campaigns and events to improve students' lives.

Who can get involved?

  • Anyone! All registered students at the University of Bath, in whatever, year, whether postgraduate or undergraduate, home or international, may stand and vote.
  • Some elections are limited to the members of a particular group.  For example, only postgraduates may stand for, or may vote in, elections for the Postgraduate Association Executive (not to be confused with the election for the Postgraduate Officer, where only postgraduates may stand but any student may vote).
  • If you are a distance learner and want to run in the election and need any support, please contact the Deputy Returning Officer who will be happy to assist you in the election. 

When are they held?

Elections run throughout the academic year for different positions across The SU. Some take place at the beginning of Semester 1 and others take place across the Spring in Semester 2.